Travel Cup with Pouring Lid, 1 Pint (16 oz) Nesting Jar with Teal Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar Pour Lid

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  • Save Money with Mason Jars: This unique mason jar travel cup set provides you with a tight seal drinking lid on a nesting Ball Mason Jar. The Nesting Jar will fit perfectly in your car or truck's cup holder so you can sip and travel with Confidence. 1 Pint size will keep you sipping while you travel. Perfect for drinks on the go or anyone who wants a controlled pour with no mess.
  • No Spill Travel Double Screw Mason Jar Lid. Our reusable plastic lid is ideal for travelers. Features a screw-down flip cap to keep your beverages safe. Use the notched opening to drink or pour in a controlled manner....just don't hit the brakes while sipping. Your carbonated beverages will even keep their fizziness with our internal screw design.
  • Durable Components. Brewing America plastic mason jar lids are growler style and engineered to last. Our removable silicone seals are a perfect fit and are easy to clean. Dishwasher Safe! BPA free. American made quality and durability.
  • Brewing America Quality Pledge. Excellence means something to us. We offer a lifetime, unlimited warranty. If you are ever unsatisfied with our products, we will exchange or full refund. For innovative solutions you will love, Buy Now.
  • Brewing America Trusted Quality. Brewing America's Made in America patented design is quality you can trust! Brewing America has been offering Made in America Mason Jar Lids and Brewing Equipment for years and is known for quality backed by personal support.

Brewing America Travel Mason Jar with Drinking Lid, 1 Pint (16 oz) with Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar Pour Lid, for Beverages on the Go, 1-Pack, Fits perfectly in your car cup holders! Perfect for hand-squeezed juices or nut milks. Juicing? These small jars are perfect for 1 serving of 16 ounces of delicious fresh juiced vegetables or fruits. Cold Brew Coffee in the car for the drive to work? Pefectly fits in your cup holders for easy sipping from the Brewing America pour lids which are notched for a controlled pour. Raw milk or milking cows or goats? This small 1 pint size is perfect to hold that golden goodness. 1 pint can pack a big punch when the contents are liquids that perform. These are also great for dry goods and candies....think tiny little candies like red hots or mini candies that you want to share or pass around but don't want anyone to reach inside the candy jar. Pour out the candy instead. How about syrups or sugars? They easily pour out of our notched lid. No matter the liquid, dry good or sweet treat, you will be excited to use Brewing America lids on your pint size Ball jar! And if you are tight on space, they easily stack for storage!

Drink your boba tea, cold brew coffee, milk, juice, fruit water, nut milks, milkshakes, kefir water right from the drink lid or with a straw. You can use it as your cold brew mason jar with the Brewing America metal filter (sold separately). Customers love using it as the glass milk bottle with lid for raw milk and nut milks as their milk container for refrigerator. Or it can be used as a glass cup to drink your milk from. Water kefir, tea and juice also store and travel well in these, becoming favorite glass juice bottles. No matter if they become your juice glasses or new milk jug, they will be love as your 16 oz tumbler, reflecting your style and smart use.

Mason jars wide mouth means you can easily use and clean your jars. Mason jar lids wide mouth mean you get a perfect fit and easy clean-up with removable seals. Because they are wide, they make a great reusable boba cup, reusable smoothie cups and easy sun tea pitcher for adding and removing tea. This is a mason jar lid you will love!

Reusable Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids from Brewing America you will love! Ball Mason Jars you can trust. Top your mason jars with lids you can also trust! Our Mason jar pour spout lid has a patented design to give you a clean, controlled pour. 16 oz mason jars are easy to hold and carry. You new favorite mason jar drinking glasses!

Includes: 1 glass jar with lid. Mason jar 16 oz. 1 Brewing America Plastic Mason Jar Lid that pour and are leak-proof.

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