Specific Gravity Hydrometer Test Kit American-made ABV Tester With Borosilicate Glass Test Tube Jar

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(This Hydrometer is used for Brewing Beer, Mead, Wine, Etc... This is the wrong hydrometer for making hand sanitizer - You will need a proof and tralle hydrometer at this link)
✔️ GTIN: 00860030000629 - HYDROMETER COMBO KIT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR: American-made, N.I.S.T. Traceable Triple Scale Hydrometer and & Test Jar Combo – with Cylinder Brush - Specific Gravity Alcohol ABV Tester that is designed and manufactured by multi-generational American glass blowers in America, Glass Test Tube Beaker - for Wine, Beer, Cider, Mead, Sake and Kombucha - Homebrew Fermented Beverages, narrow Borosilicate 3.3 Cylinder. The Elite Brewer Tools you need!
✔️ KNOW YOUR BREW & CRAFT YOUR BEST EVERY TIME: Take accurate gravity readings by using the best abv tester. We are home brewers too and love offering the highest quality brewing equipment, tools and wine making supplies to help you succeed in crafting the tastiest brews. Our Brewing America brewing scale is easier to read on our meter. We designed our narrow GLASS Test Cylinder to be the highest quality with thick and sturdy lab grade borosilicate glass.
✔️ WASTE LESS PRECIOUS HOMEBREW! We designed our glass test jar to use less liquid wort, mash, must or wash for hydrometer tests. Use only 125 ml instead of a 250 ml as most others require. Waste less, drink (or share) more! SOLID 1-piece THICK borosilicate (Boro) 3.3 glass test flask with bumper guard. It is STURDY and STABLE. BREWERS Prefer Glass Test Jars: We all know sanitization is key to alcohol making. And distillers need to use glass, not plastic. The Brewing America Test Jar is CLEAR.
✔️ WE CARE: We personally inspect each piece of your beer, wine, mead and kombucha making supplies and equipment kits before shipping, wrapping it ourselves with our microfiber cloth. Our products are responsibly made from recycled materials (glass and paper) that are non-toxic. They are safe for the environment and are easy to clean and re-use. We brew too and are here to answer your questions or concerns. Check out our full line of products with Prime shipping on Amazon!
✔️ EVERYTHING YOU NEED: What’s included in this Set: One Triple Scale Gravity Testing Hydrometer, One Glass Test Tube Cylinder, One sturdy Bottle Brush made of STAINLESS STEEL designed specifically for our very narrow test flask, One sturdy hydrometer box and one STURDY outer box, which will help you stay organized and is also easy to wrap for gifting. We also include one microfiber cloth and our 2- page direction sheet with a conversion chart. Wash and sanitize all equipment before use.

Pro Series Hydrometer Brew Test Kit: N.I.S.T. Traceable Triple Scale Hydrometer & Glass Test Tube Jar

This is Brewing America's finest Brewing Hydrometer! Triple Scale Hydrometer American-Made and NIST Traceable--which means accuracy! Another professional level product at consumer availability, readily to ship by Amazon.

This kit comes with our beloved Brewing America narrow, borosilicate glass test jar, stainless steel and nylon brush as well as our 2-page instruction sheet and microfiber cleaning cloth. But the best part is the foam injected storage box. No longer worry about knocking your brewing test equipment off the shelf and it all being broken. This storage box will help keep it safe for years to come!

Open the Instructions PDF File at the below link:

Hydrometer Triple Scale Testing & Accuracy Check Instructions PDF File



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