Maple Syrup Hydrometer Test Cup for Sugar and Moisture Content Measurement for Consistently Delicious Pure Syrup - Stainless Steel - 10 Inches Tall

  • MAKE THE BEST SYRUP: Metal Syrup Test Cup for use with a Brewing America Syrup Hydrometer. Using authentic Brewing America Maple Syrup Making Equipment helps you produce the very best genuine syrup! A sugaring must have for measuring your boiled sap.
  • SYRUP MAKING EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: This Stainless Steel Test Cup is a perfect fit for your Brewing America Syrup Hydrometer, which can also be found on Amazon. The measurements are a perfect match to float your hydrometer to get your density reading, so your accuracy will be spot on.
  • HIGH QUALITY YOU EXPECT: Brewing America is the leader in American-made hydrometer manufacturing and is a brand trusted by maple syrup makers, brewers and distillers worldwide! So why not enjoy the perfect fit stainless steel metal test cup for your valued syrup hydrometer. Perfect to use for many sugaring seasons!
  • SPECS: Food-grade Stainless Steel, 10 inches tall, 5 inches wide at the handle, 3 inches wide at the base
  • QUALITY BACKED BY COMMITMENT: Brewing America is well-known, trusted producer of hand-blown, NIST Traceable hydrometers. We are committed to quality products backed by super awesome customer service! We love helping customers! We are an American Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Company.
  • A metal test cup to make maple syrup.

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