Kitchen Canning Funnel - Wide Mouth Mason Jars Collapsible Silicone for Food, Coffee, Jams - Blue


LESS MESS: With this multi-purpose large funnel, your kitchen and work areas will remain clean and tidy, keeping everyone happy! Mom will be proud of your accomplishment and pleased to see how easy it is to just toss this flexible funnel in the dishwasher. This wide mouth funnel is a perfect fit for all of your wide mouth jars and wide mouth plastic spice jars.

MORE FUN PROJECTS: Enjoy picture-perfect projects using this mason jar funnel. It's a perfect fit and specially designed for all your wide-mouth Ball or Mason Jar projects. No matter if you are funneling for canning food, pickling, spices, grains, beans, fruits and vegetables or if you are creating fun art projects with your kids, or food gifts to share with friends and family, this food grade funnel will make all your projects easy and breezy!

NO ACCIDENT WORRIES: Slips, Trips and Falls are a thing of the past with this extra STURDY AND WIDE FUNNEL. The extra thick silicone funnel body allows it to stand independently and the wide grip handles have silicone inlay, making it easy to hold without slipping from your grip. The new favorite of your canning tools!

EASY STORAGE: Fits in your drawers! Stores flat for fitting in tight places. Your new favorite kitchen funnel takes up less space than big, clumsy metal or plastic funnels making it the most versatile of kitchen funnels. Pitch your old ball canner funnel and opt for a new, improved collapsible kitchen funnel.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Re-use your pickling jars and canning bottles. Your new canning funnel is great for all your wide-mouth mason jar funnel projects. This collapsible funnel will quickly become your new favorite of all your funnels for kitchen, art space and even garage and garden! Works perfectly as a food funnel, ice funnel, powder funnel, grain funnel, spice funnel, protein funnel or funnel for water bottle and cold coffee brewing system or even filling your smoothie jar!

Ever frustrated by the space large funnels take up in your cabinets and storage spaces? Upgrade your canning tools to include this collapsible funnel and save on save on space!

Specifically desinged to fit wide-mouth mason jars!

Become a Master Food Preserver with this home canner funnel! It is sturdy enough to stand up on its own. Inlayed with grip-ease silicone in the handle to keep it from slipping and for your easier grip and handling, even with liquids.

Sauces, canning, fermentation, sauerkraut and even cold coffee brewing will now be less messy with your new food grade funnel!

Spices, smoothies, shakes, oil and dry good storage, like beans and lentils, and countless fun projects and gifts will be less messy when using this wide funnel.

DISHWASHER SAFE: Clean-up is easy as it is dishwasher safe!

1. VEGANS will enjoy storing more beans, grains and veggies.
2. CRAFTERS and art-lovers will enjoy more fun picture-perfect projects!
3. COLD COFFEE LOVERS will love to fill their mason jar cold coffee brewers with fresh ground coffe with NO coffee grounds mess.
4. FERMENTERS will love it for their kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and pickles.
5. INFUSERS love this wide-mouth funnel to load fruits in their mason jar water bottles and their alcohol jar infuser filters. Makes Alcohol Infusion a breeze.
6. SALAD Lunch Packers enjoy loading their salad layers for take-along lunches.

DISHWASHER SAFE - Your Satisfaction is our Number 1 priority! We love hearing from you!

Mason Jar NOT included.

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