Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit: Wide Mouth for Coffee, Infused Tea, Alcohol - 2 Quart 64 oz Old Glory Red


EASY COLD BREW AND INFUSION: The patented Brewing America Lid, stainless steel mesh 160 micron dutch weave cone-shaped metal strainer filter, silicone seal for secure lid sealing, and an original Ball Mason Jar clean brewing.

DELICIOUS: Brew your Best like the professionals! The tight dutch weave on our 160 micron filter coffee strainer ensures only your flavor goodness escapes into your beverage liquid and cone coffee filters ensures max exposure.

TRUSTED QUALITY by BREWING AMERICA: we are known for our quality brewing testing equipment. This cold brew coffee filter set together can brew and infuse some of your best beverages yet, and very useful as individual pieces!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Re-use your Mason Jars and lids. Reusable coffee filter for a lifetime coffee brewer. Home coffee makers and as a travel coffee maker.

BREW YOUR WAY: Coffee filter 64 ounce / 2 quart large batch cold brew maker or iced tea pitcher.

Size:2 Quart (64 Ounces) | Color: Old Glory Red

Cold Brew Kit for delicious, professional-quality cold brew coffee, infused alcohol, iced tea or fruit diffused water! Best brew at home kit!

Coffee lovers: Use it as your iced coffee maker or cold brew coffee maker for more enjoyable nitro cold brew coffee or ice coffee. Remove the filter after brewing and use it as a cold brew pitcher or iced coffee tumbler. Ice coffee makers enjoy cooling down in warm weather with your ice coffee! Cold press coffee cold brew just can't get any better than with this cold brew mason jar system! Makes the best gift for coffee lovers!

Tea Makers: Your tea filter, tea infuser bottle, tea maker or summer sun tea jar tea brewer. Enjoy your cold brew tea! Every country kitchen loves tea brewers for loose tea and this cold brew tea maker is tops! The coffee filter cone makes a perfect ice tea maker machine.

Remove the coffe filter after brewing for a cold brew coffee pitcher, iced coffee pitcher, tea tumbler infuser or cold brew bottle.

Distillers: Your new alcohol infusion tool! Fruit infuser benefits in new ways!

Infuse Flavors: Alcohol, water and oil infusion in this mason jar infuser. Doubles as your infuser pitcher.

Best mason jar accessories: Perfect fit fine strainer for canning, kefir, soups, oil infusions, etc. Enjoy the metal screen mesh as a coffee pour over set or replacement for a cold brew filter bag. No hand strainer with our permanent coffee filter. Cold brew coffee makers see their cold brew coffee grounds go in their coffee jar without a mess! Keep your coffee kitchen clean!

Suggestion: course ground coffee for cold brew in your coffee cold brew maker.

Multiple Size options: coffee maker small or large: As a personal coffee maker or use the large coffee maker to share.

Your favorite cold coffee brewer tea maker!

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