Alcohol Hydrometer Test Kit Hits Record Sales in COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Trend

Alcohol Hydrometer Test Kit Hits Record Sales in COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Trend

Brewing America’s beer and brewing alcohol hydrometer test kits are seeing record sales during COVID-19, largely due to the skyrocketing trend of at-home DIY hand sanitizer making.

August 14, 2020

Brewing America, one of the globe’s leading producers of alcohol, beer and brewing hydrometer test kits, has recently reported record sales online since the onset of COVID-19. The company’s explosive sales, effectively double those prior to the pandemic, is being attributed to a new trend emerging from the pandemic: at-home, DIY hand sanitizer making.

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The company’s products have been widely used among beer and home brewing enthusiasts in the last several years. According to company CEO & spokesperson, Kyle Hove, its latest boom in sales comes from an unlikely source–the coronavirus and hand-sanitizers.

“We are seeing a huge jump in the home hand sanitizer making trend, something we did not expect. This is causing an enormous impact on our market and the hydrometer industry right now. The population is finding uses for hydrometers beyond the traditional home-brewing,” Hove states.

Since the onset of the pandemic, market studies have shown an explosion of home recipes for hand sanitizer making on the web, promoting DIY formulas that provide those cognizant of the spread of the virus with a supply of hand sanitizer at home. 

Hove says that the demand for hand sanitizers has caused an extreme shortage of the product in stores and online, and as a results, people are turning to making their own. Even further, hundreds of distilleries across the nation have begun to produce and sell hand sanitizer. The FDA recently issued a temporary policy that allows manufacturers such as ethanol producers to produce alcohol to be used in hand-sanitizers.  

“Alcohol hydrometer test kits are used to measure the specific gravity of the liquid you’re fermenting, and helps determine the alcohol by volume you are producing. It’s a very important step in the homebrewing–and now hand sanitizing–making process. The FDA states that hydrometers are an acceptable method for determining alcohol content in these solutions,” Hove continues.

Brewing America offers a variety of alcohol hydrometer products on its website, ranging from single hydrometers to full test kits. The family and U.S. veteran-owned company manufactures and sources almost all of its products and components from the US only. To date, the company has received thousands of accolades from home brewers for its safe, quality products and support of local brewers and breweries.

With its recent surge, the company continues to grow, recently launching a cold brew coffee system with a patented lid–the first of its kind to the market. Featuring a wide mouth mason jar, filter and funnel, the product is anticipated to make a splash in the at-home beverage brewing sector, including infused teas, alcohol and cold brew.

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