Mason Jar Shaker Bottle, Glass Mixer, 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Jar with Plastic Lid and Shaker Ball,

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Mix it Up: Turning a classic 1 quart Mason Jar into a Bottle Blender! A trusted Ball Mason Jar paired with a stainless steel shaker cup ball and a double-screw top Mason Jar Lid for a leak-proof seal. Trusted quality Made in America!
Shake and Go: From Shakes to Travel Cup. Easily shake up your workout protein powder and then use it as your gym bottle then your workout water bottle. This protein shaker bottle is now your total workout bottle. Shaker Cups that go with you
Versatility: Uses abound for this mixer bottle! Glass water bottles, smoothie bottle, ice shaker bottle, baby formula mixer, shake bottle, protein shaker or protein powder mixer and even as your salad dressing container.
Easy to Use: The wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids to this bottle blender shaker. Thorough mixing with the 304 food-grade stainless steel wire whisk and our Brewing America Lid ensures you have a clean shake
Great Value: Trusted glass mason jar, quality metal shaker ball, BPA free plastic mason jar lids, Made in America! Mixing protein shakes, smoothies, and supplements in your glass shaker bottle for years!

Your new glass cups or glass pitcher with lid!

These glass jars are versatile for all your needs. For beverage storage or for active use! Your friends will be jealous of your new travel cup! It's a new spin on the trustworthy Ball Jar. It will be your favorite glass jar with lid for all your drinks! Makes for truly enjoyable Mason jar cups.

Drink your boba tea, cold brew coffee, milk, juice, fruit water, nut milks, milkshakes, kefir water right from the drink lid or with a straw. You can use it as your cold brew mason jar with the Brewing America metal filter (sold separately). Customers love using it as the glass milk bottle with lid for raw milk and nut milks as their milk container for refrigerator. Or it can be used as a glass cup to drink your milk from. Water kefir, tea and juice also store and travel well in these, becoming favorite glass juice bottles. No matter if they become your juice glasses or new milk jug, they will be love as your 32 oz tumbler, reflecting your style and smart use.

Mason jars wide mouth means you can easily use and clean your jars. Mason jar lids wide mouth mean you get a perfect fit and easy clean-up with removable seals. Because they are wide, they make a great reusable boba cup, reusable smoothie cups and easy sun tea pitcher for adding and removing tea. This is a mason jar lid you will love!

Reusable Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids from Brewing America you will love! Ball Mason Jars you can trust. Top your mason jars with lids you can also trust! Our Mason jar pour spout lid has a patented design to give you a clean, controlled pour. 32 oz mason jars are easy to hold and carry. You new favorite mason jar drinking glasses!

Includes: 1 glass jar with lid and shaker ball. Mason jars 32 oz. They are large mason jars at 1 quart size. 1 Metal Mason Jar Lids. 1 Brewing America Plastic Mason Jar Lids that pour and are leak-proof.

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