Stone Ship Honey Beer

Mash grains for 60 minutes 156°F (69°C), mash out at 168°F (76°C), vorlauf, and run off to kettle. Lauter, sparge, and collect approximately 4.5 gal. (17 L) of wort. Boil 90 minutes. Add lactose and buckwheat honey at flameout.

In a separate vessel, scorch wildflower honey with super-heated basalt rocks (heat basalt rocks on an open flame and then drop into honey to allow scorching and caramelization). Add enough clean hot water to honey to bring the mixture up to about 1.7 gal. (6.4 L).

Cool the wort and scorched honey must to 64°F (17°C) and blend for fermentation. Pitch yeast and ferment at 64°F (17°C).

After fermentation, rack to secondary and add black walnut pieces and vanilla beans. Age for several weeks or until flavors develop to your liking, and then bottle or keg.

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