Hammer of the Gord’s Imperial Stout

Two separate 1600 mL yeast starters with Wyeast 1335.  Allowed to settle and decanted each to 1L prior to pitching.  Brew in a bag full volume mash.  Direct fire step mash using only Base Malts to target Mash pH 5.3:  131 °F for 15 minutes.  144 °F for 50 minutes.  158 °F for 50 minutes.  Added all caramel and roast malts.  Heat to 168 °F mash out. Boiled for 90 minutes with hop additions at 90 minutes, 30 minutes and knockout.  Chill to 67° F and pitch yeast starters.  Ferment at 67 °F for 3 days.  Then rise 1 °F per day up to 72 °F.  Dry hop on day 7 for 7 days until kegging.  Force carbonation to 2.4 volumes.  Bottle from keg using Blichmann Beer Gun.

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