Future Forward Sour Saison

To prepare sticky rice:

  1. Soak the sticky rice overnight.
  2. Steam rice until cooked, about 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water until rice is cool and no longer sticky.

Mash grains and steamed sticky rice in 8 qt. (7.6 L) of water at 150°F (65.6°C). Collect the wort, top up with water to make 5 gal. (18.9 L), and bring to a boil. Top up to 6 gal. (22.7 L). Turn the heat off, add the malt extract and stir to completely dissolve.

Return the wort to the heat and boil 60 minutes. Turn the heat off and allow to cool with the lid off until wort reaches 180°F (82.2°C). Add hops and blended lychee, and let steep 20–30 minutes before fully chilling. Transfer chilled wort to fermenter, aerate, and pitch the saison yeast and Sato yeast ball.

Ferment at 73°F (22.8°C) for about two weeks. Add dry hops 7 days before bottling or kegging.

* Sticky rice is also known as glutinous rice and can be purchased at any Asian market. Rice yeast balls are more difficult to find but can be ordered online from Amazon and eBay: search for “Chinese dried yeast balls.”

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