Brilliant Blond

No sparge technique; Single infusion mash at 150 °F for 60 minutes. with 5.75 gallons of mash water (I use a recirculating mash technique on stove). Heat 4.5 gal sparge water to about 195 °F, add to mash tun, adjusting temp to 168 °F, circulate for 20 minutes. Drain to boil kettle. Boil for 90 minutes, adding hops, yeast nutrient, and Irish moss at prescribed times.  Chill to 63 °F, pitch yeast, allowing to rise to 65 °F. Ferment at 65 °F for two days, add sugar solution, allow tempt to rise to 72 °F. Ferment one week total, then transfer to secondary for 7 days. Force carbonate to 2.8 vol. CO2.

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