Anderfest Festbier

Water Treatment

Targeted the “Yellow Full” Brunwater profile, using Boston-area MWRA tap water.

  • Mash
  • 4.16 gallons water
  • 1.2g CaCl
  • 1.2g gypsum
  • 0.4g Epsom Salt
  • 200mg Kmeta
  • 0.6g Brewtan B
  • 2.1ml lactic acid
  • 5.36 estimated mash ph
  • Sparge
  • 2.86 gallons water
  • 0.9g CaCl
  • 0.9g gypsum
  • 0.3g Epsom Salt
  • 100mg Kmeta
  • 0.3g Brewtan b
  • 0.7ml lactic acid

Mash at 153° F for 60 minutes.

Pitch 2 packs of yeast directly into 54° F wort, put in chamber set to 58° F.

When the specific gravity is under 1.020, transfer to serving keg with spunding valve set to 15 psi to (mostly) naturally carbonate. Ramp up to 61° F to encourage yeast to clean up and finish strong.

Once the final gravity is stable for 3 days, take off spunding valve and ramp down ambient temperature 3 degrees/day until in the 30s. Let lager for a few weeks or start enjoying it right away if you’re impatient like me!

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