American Vienna Lager

Mash at 125° F for 30 minutes, 147° F for 30 minutes, 162° F for 30 minutes. No mash out, recirculate until clear.  Collect 15 gallons.  Boil for 90 minutes total to eliminate DMS.  Add hops as described. Chill to 50° F. Oxygenate with pure oxygen for 3 minutes at 1 L/minute and pitch decanted starter. Using Tasty’s fermentation schedule as a guide, let free rise to 52° F and rest for 4-5 days.  Then raise to 58° F for 2-3 days; then raise to 62° F for 2-3 days.  Once terminal gravity is reached, slowly chill to 32° F by dropping the temperature 2-3° F per day.  Keg and lager for 3 months, but taste along the way because that’s just too long to wait.

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